75 Meters is the first episode of the first season of Video Game Missions, making it the first episode overall. In this episode, Jonathan must make it to the top of a construction site and defeat Donkey Kong.


Jonathan is heading to the bathroom at his middle school when a portal opens in the toilet and sucks him in. He meets strange aliens where he lands that tell him that he will be transported into a construction site. They also tell him that whenever he falls down, this will happen.

Jonathan is greeted with a barrel rolling toward him. He just barely jumps over it, but trips on the end and falls on the construction girder. On top of that, a barrel rolls over him. He just finds the strength to get up, but walks into some fire. He stops, drops, and rolls, but two more barrels roll over him.

Now on his second extra life, Jonathan jumps over the first three barrels on the fire. Since there is a barrel coming right after too fast for him to dodge, he bends the rules and kicks the barrel, sending it rolling the opposite direction. Then, he spins around and kicks the barrel, causing it to break.

To get higher, Jonathan reaches for the ladder, but a barrel rolls down and knocks him off. Determined, he throws the barrel away, and continues climbing up until he meets Donkey Kong. He keeps kicking the barrels back at Donkey Kong, but Donkey Kong climbs upward too fast for him. In the next stage, he falls off the girders and sprains his ankle. He limps over the moving girders, and grabs an umbrella he sees lying around. For some reason, it replenishes his health and helps his ankle. Next, he takes the purse and and the hat.

When he gets up to Donkey Kong, he throws the merchandise at the ape, but Donkey Kong dodges and climbs up. In the final stage, he pulls out all the bolts and throws them with all his force at Donkey Kong. Instead of climbing the ladder, he grabs the hammer at the last second. Before he hits the ground, Donkey Kong is killed with the hammer, and Jonathan lands on it. He celebrates, and is transported back to his house. When his mom asks him what happened at school, he simply replies, "Nothing important."

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