Adventures Through History is a series of RPG/2D platforming games. It takes place in different times in history and the main characters are always from that time period.


  • Adventures Through History: Mesopotamia
  • Adventures Through History: Egypt
  • Adventures Through History: China
  • Adventures Through History: Rome
  • Adventures Through History: Greece

Playing Style

The main character is always a character from that time period (for example, if it was Mesopotamia, the character might wear wool.) Typically, you move around by pointing the arrow keys in different directions, and you press X next to something so you can read it or talk. Sometimes, things will be added to your inventory, so press A to bring it up, and S to use it. You can move the arrow keys to select your item.

When you get to a boss battle, you will fight that boss in 2D style, but can still bring up your inventory and use items to defeat the boss. Some items only have limited uses, and you will always receive a starting item in the beginning to fight the boss, but you do no have to use it.

Bosses: Mesopotamia

  • Alexander the Great
  • Sargon the Great


  • Nine Bows (fought separately)
  • Asiatics (fought separately)
  • Nubians (fought separately)
  • Invaders from Mitanni (fought separately)


  • Genghis Khan


  • Julius Caesar
  • Caesar Augustus
  • Mark Antony
  • Cleopatra


  • Athenians (fought separately)
  • Persians (fought separately)

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