Cows are playable characters in Super Smash World 4. A duo consisting of Milky and Choco, a white cow and a brown cow respectively, the player primarily controls Milky, while additional moves and inputs control Choco's position and attacks. They were announced alongside Sanjiv J. on December 15th, 2015 and both were released on February 3rd, 2016. Cows play similarly to Sophia C. and Younus D., who were removed in the same game.

Cows' Special Moves
Neutral Special Guitar Strum
Side Special Whip Crack
Up Special Horn Grasp
Down Special Deadly Vanish
Final Smash Horse Barrage

The Cows' neutral special move is the Guitar Strum, where they both strum on their guitars and create small shockwaves that damage opponents. Their side special move is Whip Crack, which involves them both taking whips that can be charged to strike opponents. If used in the air, this move will make the cows rise a little bit. Their up special, the Horn Grasp, makes them extend their horns as well as jump a little bit to grab the nearest ledge. It can be used as a tether recovery. Whip Crack can also grab onto ledges, and quicker, but it has less range. Their down special is Deadly Vanish, which allows them to disappear for a short time and then reappear with their horns butting together, which deals moderate to severe knockback. Since the move teleports the cows to a different position, it can also be used as an additional recovery move.

Up taunt The Cows crack their whips three times in quick succession.
Side taunt Face the screen and jump up and down two times.
Down taunt Choco falls asleep, then gets kicked by Milky and wakes up.
Moveset Description
Neutral Attack The cows make a "moo" sound three times. The sounds naturally combo into each other.
Forward Tilt The cows stampede a very short distance forward, gaining super armor during the move. However, it is also the slowest tilt in the game.
Up Tilt The cows look up, scaring opponents who see it. This attack actually has no hitboxes, but instead has a windbox that pushes opponents upward.
Down Tilt The cows pull a bit of grass up from the ground using their teeth to send opponents upward. It is a useful combo starter, particularly, it can easily be followed up with a forward aerial. Very similar aesthetically to Sabrina's down tilt.
Dash Attack The cows lunge forward and kick their front legs.
Forward Smash A bull comes to aid the cows and thrusts its horns forward. If this move is used to get a KO in a match, the bull will appear in the cows' victory poses.
Up Smash The cows turn pink and thrust their horns upward, which deals Slash-type damage with Heart effects.
Down Smash Milky does a spinning shin kick that emits spiral galaxy-shaped energy blasts on both sides, while Choco just does a spinning kick. Strangely, the galaxies actually have a Water effect.
Neutral Aerial The cows moo three times, hitting similarly to Marco's forward aerial, which is good for edgeguarding and spacing. This attack deals Flame damage.
Forward Aerial Milky does a delayed bicycle kick that emits a jug of milk. After approximately 60 frames, the jug will spill, dealing damage to any opponents who touch the milk. Similar to Ethan, Young Ethan, and Toon Ethan's bombs, the milk can do damage to the user of the move as well as teammates, even when team attack is turned off. Meanwhile, Choco does an upward headbutt. The milk also paralyzes any opponents that touch it.
Back Aerial Milky kicks away a candy bar, acting as a projectile that deals damage to opponents as well as a grabbable item. Choco does a dropkick. The candy also deals Slash damage and can bounce of opponents multiple times.
Up Aerial Milky emits a planetary ring above her head, while Choco does a bicycle kick. The ring is a magic attack that deals Grass damage.
Down Aerial Milk emits a planetary ring below herself, while Choco does a stomp. Although it is difficult to land, Milky's attack can meteor smash opponents when it is sweetspotted, whereas it semi-spikes them when sourspotted. This time, the ring deals Electric damage.
Grab -
Pummel Milky takes a wand and strikes the opponent with it, which is unusually an arm attack even though the wand is hitting the opponent and not Milky's arm.
Forward throw Milky the opponent float in front of herself with anti-gravity and flings them in front of herself. It can combo at very low percents.
Back throw Spins the opponent around herself once with anti-gravity and then tosses them behind herself. It is her strongest throw, but it does not KO until 160%.
Up throw Flings the opponent into the air with anti-gravity. It combos reliably into up smash, Choco's up tilt, and Choco's up aerial, especially against heavyweights and fast-fallers.
Down throw Both cows strum on their guitars while the shockwaves travel down to the grabbed opponent, hitting three times.
Floor attack (front) The cows emit magic bursts on either side of them.
Floor attack (back) Identical to their front floor attack, but it is a darkness attack instead of a magic one.
Edge attack (fast) A forward headbutt.
Edge attack (slow) Nearly identical to their fast edge attack, but at a lower angle that trips opponents. This can set up for a back throw near the edge.

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