Dr. Jonathan is Jonathan as a doctor, who wears a white coat and is usually seen carrying pills around. Jonathan and Dr. Jonathan are the same person, but they wear different outfits and have different roles in their games. In the Dr. Jonathan series, Dr. Jonathan treats viruses by throwing pills at them, and when he matches three pills of the same color, the virus is defeated.

Dr. Jonathan's Special Moves
Neutral Special Megavitamins
Side Special Super Sheet
Up Special Super Jump Punch
Down Special Dr. Tornado
Final Smash Dr. Finale

In the Smash Games

Dr. Jonathan's standard special move is the Megavitamins, where he pushes a large pill in front of him that bounces. His side special is the Super Sheet, where he swings a white sheet like a baseball bat that will do damage upon contact and reflect projectiles. His up special is Super Jump Punch, where he jumps forward in the air with his fist up and moved towards the direction he is facing. His down special, Dr. Tornado, involves him spinning around with his arms extended, then stopping and leaving them out. Anyone who comes in contact with his arms will be damaged.


  1. D - 11/26
  2. G - 45/56

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