Edward O. is a character playable from the start in all four Smash games, and is in Jonathan's class at Middle School 74. He hails from the Edward series, but originally appeared in a Jonathan game.

Edward's Special Moves
Neutral Special Bite
Side Special Cartwheel
Up Special Basketball Throw
Down Special Ground Pound
Final Smash Nerf Modulus
In the Smash Games

Edward's neutral special is the Bite, where he lunges at the nearest player and bites them. His side special is Cartwheel, where he repeatedly turns cartwheels until he runs out of momentum. His up special, the Basketball Throw, involves him charging a basketball on his left arm that he can throw at different heights and angles. His down special move is the ground pound, where he slams downwards towards the ground. If he uses this move while not airborne, he will jump up a little bit in the air, and then slam down.


  1. 5th out of 12 (A)
  2. 12th out of 26 (D)
  3. 27th out of 38 (D)
  4. 15th out of 56 (C)

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