Grace Y. is a student who attends Middle School 74 and is in Jonathan's class. She is a character that is an alternate form of Clytie. Clytie can transform into Grace, and Grace can transform into Clytie. Grace hails from The Legend of Clytie series.

Grace's Special Moves
Neutral Special Needle Storm
Side Special Burst Grenade
Up Special Vanish
Down Special Transform
Final Smash Light Arrow

In the Smash Games

Grace's neutral special move is the Needle Storm, where she charges and holds up a bunch of needles and then throws them out in front of her, doing damage to anyone who comes in contact with the nearly invisible needles. Her side special is the Burst Grenade, where she extends a grenade attached to a rope, with the rope attached to a pin that she can pull off to make it explode, dealing out damage to anyone who is caught in the explosion. Her up special is Vanish, where she throws a Smoke Ball into the air that creates fog around her, making her body not visible. Then, she performs a high midair jump upwards or the direction inputted. Her down special, Transform, involves her turning her body into light for a short time to transform into Clytie.


  1. S - 4/26
  2. D - 25/38
  3. S - 1/56

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