The Ice Climbers are a team of fighters consisting of Sophia C. and Younus D. Sophia C. was in 624, but is currently in 722. Younus D. was in 622, but he has moved to another town, which is why neither he nor Sophia C. make an appearance in Super Smash World 4. They hail from the game Ice Climber, and their first appearance is in Super Smash World Melee. They make another appearance in Super Smash World Brawl.

Ice Climbers' Special Moves
Neutral Special Ice Shot
Side Special Squall Hammer
Up Special Belay
Down Special Blizzard
Final Smash Iceberg

The Ice Climbers' neutral special is the Ice Shot, where they generate a small iceberg out of nowhere and then hit it with their hammers, sending it in the direction they are facing. It does a small amount of damage to the opponent, and eventually can melt after it is released. It can be reflected and absorbed in Melee, but in Brawl, it can only be reflected. The opponent touched by the ice will flinch, less and less the farther away they are. It can be a useful edge-guarding technique, as it can intercept certain characters' recoveries. Their side special is Squall Hammer, where they move left or right spinning around with their hammers facing outwards, dealing damage to opponents making contact with them. This can be used as a decent recovery, and will leave the Ice Climbers helpless after use. They can also fall off the stage with this move. Their up special is Belay, where Younus throws a rope upwards that Sophia holds onto, which deals damage on the way up and renders Sophia helpless on the way down. It can be used as a tether. If Sophia is own her own, this move is very sad, as it does nothing on the ground and only makes her rise a tiny bit in the air. Finally, their down special is Blizzard, where they face opposite sides and shoot frost out of their hammers, which can make characters flinch or freeze them for a very short time.

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