Jerry H. is a student who attends Middle School 74, but is not in Jonathan's class. Instead, Jerry is in class 624, which is the other gifted and talented class besides Jonathan's, which is 622.

Jerry's Special Moves
Neutral Special Fireball
Side Special Green Missile
Up Special Super Jump Punch
Down Special Jerry Cyclone
Final Smash Vacuum 5000

In the Smash games

Jerry's special move is the Fireball, where he shoots a fireball from his hand that can be spammed. His side special move is Green Missile, where he launches himself horizontally across the screen. His up special move, Super Jump Punch, causes him to jump upward with his fist pointing upward, then turn upside down in midair and land on his head. Jerry Cyclone, his down special, involves Jerry spinning around with his arms extended, trapping and doing damage to anyone who he touches.


  1. C - 12/12
  2. D - 13/26
  3. E - 28/38
  4. D - 16/56

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