Jonathan C. is a student at Middle School 74 and has prominent roles in the Super Smash World series. He is always playable from the start.

Jonathan's Special Moves
Neutral Special Cake Smash
Side Special Cake Rush
Up Special Cake Jet
Down Special Cake Counter
Final Smash Cash me outside how bout dat
Up taunt Takes out a Wii Remote and acts like he is playing a game, then stops and throws it away. This can be used for edgeguarding, though it only deals 2%, but it can go off the stage.
Side taunt Salutes the audience.
Down taunt Flips his hair, creating aesthetic hearts, while the area above him flashes, "TRIGGER WARNING."
Moveset Description
Neutral Attack Pulls his stuffed bear to swing it downward, upward, and then finally forward. It deals Slash-type damage the first hit from the bear's sharp teeth.
Forward Tilt Changes his cakes into a Chaise longue and holds it out in front of him. It reflects projectiles and deals Flame-type damage if physically touched.
Up Tilt Changes his cakes into a blue Bergère and thrusts it above him. It deals Electric-type damage if touched.
Down Tilt Low sweeps the ground in front of him, which will trip characters if it touches them.
Dash Attack Pushes a shopping cart in front of him and then releases it if the button is tapped. If the button is held, Jonathan will jump into the cart and can jump out if the player presses the A button again.
Forward Smash Thrusts both cakes in front of him while they are angled horizontally.
Up Smash Suspends both cakes above his head with his palms facing up, while they spin around in circles, creating an aura effect. It draws characters in and then launches them.
Down Smash Slices both of his cakes in a diagonally downward angle, dealing Slash-type damage.
Neutral Aerial Spins a yellow folding chair in front of his body that draws characters in and then launches them.
Forward Aerial Slams a blue folding chair downwards, spiking opponents.
Back Aerial Shakes a red folding chair behind him.
Up Aerial Spins a green folding chair above him that has slightly less launching power but slightly more reach than his neutral aerial.
Down Aerial Kicks down an orange folding chair with two feet that spikes opponents but also counts as a projectile which can be reflected, which is why it is usually better to use his forward aerial as a spike.
Grab Thrusts a slinky in front of him that loops in opponents. It is curved into a lasso shape. Can be used as a tether recovery.
Pummel Punches.
Forward throw Kicks the opponent off of him with his right leg.
Back throw Kicks the opponent away with both legs in a dropkick-like fashion.
Up throw Head butts the opponent upwards while grimacing.
Down throw Thrusts his cakes downwards in a similar fashion to Cake Rush.
Floor attack (front) Kicks in front of him and behind him.
Floor attack (back) Jumps up and does a small kick dealing 2%. Has a hitbox in the back, but it is weaker.
Floor attack (trip) Jumps up and spins his arms around while turning around himself.
Edge attack (fast) Pokes forward with his Gateway Sword. Trips opponents.
Edge attack (slow) Slashes forward onto the stage with his Gateway Sword.

Jonathan uses his "trusty cakes" throughout the Smash series to help him fight. His cakes have also have the power to shape shift into many different types of chairs. They appear in all of his games as well, and are two plastic toy chocolate cake pieces with vanilla icing on the outside that fit on top of each other. The cakes have magical abilities, and can only be picked up and summoned by Jonathan or an individual in possession of the strength boundary. The strength boundary is also an item in the Smash games that allows other characters to take less damage for a short period of time, and they can also pick up Jonathan's cakes after he uses his up taunt.

Jonathan's neutral special is the cake smash, where he takes both cakes, charges them up next to him, and slams them downwards. It has the most ending lag of all his moves. His side special is Cake Rush, which has Jonathan fly forward, holding his cakes out in front of him. If used in the air, Jonathan will rise a little bit. The cakes will reflect any projectiles at an extremely fast and damaging rate. The damage is amplified by 2x! If any opponent tries to hit Jonathan with a non-projectile attack, they will get hit instead and he will not take damage. After he rushes forward, he will slash upward with the cakes for the final hits. However, once he is in the air, he can be damaged. He does not go into his helpless state in the air, which makes for one of his deadly combos, Side B>D-Air>F-Smash or another powerful finisher. If all hits connect, this can KO at as little as 60% from the beginning. His up special is the Cake Jet, where he boosts himself up in the air while spinning around, trapping opponents until the last hit, where he will launch them. It has virtually no startup lag, but Jonathan will go into his helpless state after using it. His down special is Cake Counter, where he moves back for a brief moment and goes into a defensive stance, with his cakes out in front of him. Any projectiles that hit him at this time will be reflected, and any melee attacks that hit him will be countered. However, Jonathan can be grabbed by any character's normal grabs, and he is also not safe against grab-type moves, such as Maxwell's Flame Choke.

His final smash is Cash me outside how bout dat, where he just says the phrase and anyone near him goes offscreen past the blast lines, resulting in an instant KO. The opponents will be affected if they are as close to him as they must be in order to suffer damage from Marco's final smash.

If the player plays Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary, it is possible for them to reach a certain point in the game where Jonathan throws his cakes like disks at other characters. After a few throws, the cakes shatter just like the plastic they are really made of. From now on, Jonathan realizes that the cakes are not throwing weapons. However, shortly after his original cakes break, he is awarded new ones that come down from the sky in a heavenly light as a reward for his good intentions in stopping the Subspace Army. If the player then exits out of the Adventure Mode and then goes to any mode where the character select screen is shown, Jonathan will no longer have his old cakes, but now his new ones. They are thinner, more detailed cakes that are said to have less physical impact but more energy power. One of them is brown and the other is pink, making them chocolate and strawberry respectively. None of Jonathan's moves or damage outputs change, as this is merely an aesthetic change. Jonathan keeps all of his costumes, but he will be equipped with the new cakes instead of the old ones. The player can access Jonathan with his old cakes with one costume, where he will be a light shade of gray, appearing similar to a ghost. This is to show that his old cakes are in the past. If the player deletes their Super Smash World Brawl save file, then Jonathan will have his original cakes from before. This makes Jonathan the only character whose design changes based on the player's progress.

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