This article is about Kira's appearance in Super Smash World 4. For information on her appearance in Super Smash World Brawl, see Kira (SSWB).

Kira L. is a student who attends Middle School 74 and went from class 624 to 722. She made her first appearance as a playable character alongside Gloria C. and Lucy K. in Super Smash World Brawl. She reappears without her companions as a standalone character in the following installment, Super Smash World 4. She hails from the Pocket Warriors series.

Kira's Special Moves in Super Smash World 4
Neutral Special Fire Fang
Side Special Flare Blitz
Up Special Rising Cyclone
Down Special Rock Smash
Final Smash Mega Kira X

Kira's neutral special is the Fire Fang, where she sends out small embers that hit quickly. If the special button is released she will create a small explosion. The embers can be angled by tilting the control stick. The attack deals 2% damage for each of the embers and 8% for the explosion. This makes for a total of at least 10% if an ember and the explosion connect. Her side special is Flare Blitz, where she moves back hovers in midair slightly and launches herself sideways in the direction she was facing. She will be surrounded inside a colorful aura during this time. This move is best used when in close range because it can be seen coming from a mile away and is easily blocked or countered if used from afar. The move will also deal 5% to Kira when it is started and another 5% to her if Kira collides with something. After the move is used Kira will always fall on her back unless she is in midair. The flames that surround Kira deal 4% to other characters and the collision deals 15% making this move deal a total of 19% damage with high launch power from the collision. It is similar to Isabelle and Nicole W.'s Skull Bash moves as they are all flying horizontally, but Kira's move cannot be charged. Her up special is Rising Cyclone, which has a vacuum effect on other players and can also launch them. There are no flames unlike in her previous incarnation, instead, there is just some wind that deals damage. The damage dealt is 4% for the first hit 2% for the loop and 6% for the last hit making for a total of 12% damage if all hits connect. This attack has powerful launch power and there is super armor at the beginning of this move. Her down special is Rock Smash which used to be her side special in the previous game. It functions exactly the same way as it did in the previous game.

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