This article is about Kira's appearance in the game Super Smash World Brawl. For her appearance in Super Smash World 4, see Kira (SSW4).

Kira L. is a student who attends Middle School 74 and went from class 624 to 722. She made her first appearance in Super Smash World Brawl as a playable character alongside Gloria C. and Lucy K. In the next game, Super Smash World 4, she returns with a new move set and without her companions from the previous game. She hails from the Pocket Warriors series.

Kira's Special Moves
Neutral Special Flamethrower
Side Special Rock Smash
Up Special Fly
Down Special Pocket Warrior Change
Final Smash Triple Finish

Kira's neutral special is the Flamethrower, where she breathes a continuous stream of fire in front of her that gets weaker over time but keeps going nonetheless. If players get caught in it, they can DI out or roll. The damage done depends on how long the special button is held but it will deal a minimum of 54% if the character receiving damage does nothing and it is held until it does not reach. Her side special is Rock Smash where she smashes a rock on her head that has more launch power the closer you are to Kira but virtually no launch power when the rock fragments deal damage alone. Kira is also granted super armor during the start of the move but if she is interrupted the rock will fall and do no damage. The rock fragments can be reflected. Her up special is Fly where she literally just flies up a short distance into the air while spinning around engulfed in flames. It has forceful launching power at the end of the move and can deal up to 11% damage. The move has super armor. Her down special is Pocket Warrior Change where her Trainer calls her back and sends out Gloria C.

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