Miray W. is a character from the Jonathan series. When she appears in Super Smash World 4, she brings a Luma to help fight with her. The Luma is also from the Jonathan series, and they both have major parts in Super Jonathan Galaxy. Rosalina appears as a playable character in Jonathan Kart Wii, bringing her Luma along to race with her, and Rosalina then appears in Jonathan Kart 8 for the Nintendo Wii U, this time without her Luma. She is also a starter character in Super Smash World 4.

Miray and Luma's Special Moves
Neutral Special Luma Shot
Side Special Star Bits
Up Special Launch Star
Down Special Gravitational Pull
Final Smash Power Star

Miray's neutral special is the Luma Shot, where she shoots her Luma. Her side special is Star Bits, where she shoots some star bits. Her up special is Launch Star, where she launches from a Launch Star. Finally, her down special is Gravitational Pull, where she creates a gravitational pull.

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