Sabrina L. is a representation of the player characters from the Animal Crossing series. She appears as a starter character in Super Smash World 4. She has a male counterpart called Paul D. accessible through costume change. Their move sets are identical, as this is merely an aesthetic change.

Sabrina's Special Moves
Neutral Special Pocket
Side Special Lloid Rocket
Up Special Balloon Trip
Down Special Timber
Final Smash Dream Home

Sabrina's neutral special is the Pocket, where she takes another character's projectile and puts it in her pocket. Her side special is the Lloid Rocket, where she launches a Lloid Rocket. If used in the air, Sabrina will rise a little bit. Her up special is Balloon Trip, where she takes a balloon trip. Her down special is Timber, where she makes a tree fall down, but she doesn't feel like saying "Timber."

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