Sanjiv J. is a character and newcomer in Super Smash World 4 and is the seventh and final downloadable character. He was announced alongside Cows on December 15th, 2015 and both were released on February 3rd, 2016.

Sanjiv's Special Moves
Neutral Special Tile Shot
Side Special Intense Inhale Jump
Up Special Upward Slash
Down Special You Thought!
Final Smash Circle Laser

Sanjiv's neutral special is the Tile Shot, where he spits out gray tiles from his mouth which do 5% uncharged with low knockback and 12% fully charged with moderately high knockback. His side special is the Intense Inhale Jump, where Sanjiv leaps forward and inhales his foe, then spits them out. It can help Sanjiv with his vertical and horizontal recovery, and it is also useful for catching opponents in the air. Sanjiv can only have one opponent in his mouth at a time. The opponent that was spat out by Sanjiv can also hit other opponents. This move has good edgeguarding potential, as Sanjiv can spit characters too far away from the stage to recover. It is also useful for getting characters past the blast zones quickly. His up special is Upward Slash, which is simply an upward slash. He holds his sword out in front of him over his head while he does this move. Similar to Tyler's attacks, this attack does the most damage at the tip of the sword, and it also has a Sleep effect. Finally, his down special is You Thought! which is a counter-type move. He will make a stance where he looks down and puts his hand on his foot. If he is attacked during this animation, he will vanish and reappear in an explosion on the opponent. This attack obviously deals Flame-type damage. When he does this move, he has a 1/277 chance of saying "You Thought!" and the counterattack will be a One-hit KO.

Up taunt Clears his throat, spitting out bits of debris while he does so.
Side taunt A tractor beam will appear in front of Sanjiv's hand, making a distinct sound, but it has no effect on opponents. It is the slowest taunt in the game, and looks similar aesthetically to James Monroe's grab.
Down taunt Two portals will appear next to Sanjiv, one in front and one in back, and then he will walk through one and appear out the other continuously for as long as the button is held. He will still be vulnerable during this animation.
Moveset Description
Neutral Attack Sanjiv takes out two bananas and alternates between them to repeatedly hit opponents, functioning as his jab. His first jab can be used to jab lock opponents.
Forward Tilt Pushes an intangible, red "-1" in front of him that heals him by 1%. However, it has rather low startup and ending lag, making it unsafe in most situations. However, it is faster than Darren eating his bike, which also heals 1% It is most effective on larger stages where Sanjiv can camp; usually stages that would be banned in tournaments.
Up Tilt Pushes an obtuse triangle above him with the largest angle pointing upwards. Has good range, comes out fast and has little to no ending lag. It cannot be used for juggling very effectively, as it has rather high knockback. It is the third strongest up tilt in the game, after Skye's and James Madison's up tilts, respectively.
Down Tilt Thrusts the number -4.27 low to the ground, pushing opponents again. It is Sanjiv's fastest move.
Dash Attack Spins into a ball and dashes forward. Very similar to Athan's dash attack, but ironically faster. However, it deals less damage.
Forward Smash Thrusts a narwhal in front of him that deals the most knockback and damage, Slash-type, at the horn.
Up Smash Holds a Lenny face above his head that deals Normal-type damage. It is the weakest smash attack in the game, dealing around 15% damage that can combo into itself once on occasion.
Down Smash Thrusts two spinning squares on either side of him that pull enemies in and then spit them out.
Neutral Aerial Throws one walnut in front of him and one in back, both dealing 3% damage with low knockback.
Forward Aerial Holds the number -76.7 in front of him. It is the strongest aerial attack in the game, even stronger than Maxwell and Aaron's forward aerials. However, it also has noticeable startup.
Back Aerial Performs a dropkick behind him that is very fast and is one of his most reliable KO moves.
Up Aerial Spins a long stick of bacon above his head in a very similar fashion to Nathan's up aerial. If Sanjiv still has his jump, then this move makes him rise a little bit.
Down Aerial Points a shorter but more powerful stick of bacon below him that meteor smashes opponents.
Grab -
Pummel Slaps his opponent in the face with a dead trout.
Forward Throw Slams his opponent on the ground, sending them upward in front of him.
Back Throw Gets so hungry that he chews the opponent in his mouth once and then spits them out behind him.
Up Throw Throws the opponent upwards, then thrusts a skyscraper at them.
Down Throw Hurls a watermelon downward at his helpless opponent.
Floor attack (front) Performs a break-dancing sweep kick that can hit on both sides.
Floor attack (back) Holds the number 7 on both sides of him quickly.
Floor attack (trip) Throws two eggs down on the ground on either side of him that explode.
Edge attack (fast) Holds a cup of strawberry yoghourt in front of him that spills over as he comes onto the stage from the edge.
Edge attack (slow) Slams a squirrel on the stage that runs away shortly after, which still maintains its active hitboxes. It has a 1/291 chance of biting opponents, where it will deal Slash-type damage and KO at around 35%.

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