Skye L. is the primary antagonist (and occasional anti-hero or even hero) of the Marco series. He appears as a starter character in Super Smash World Brawl and Super Smash World 4.

Skye's Special Moves
Neutral Special Inhale
Side Special Gordo Throw
Up Special Super Skye Jump
Down Special Jet Hammer
Final Smash Skye Burst
Up taunt Kicks low to the ground with his left foot while sighing, which can spike opponents, most easily if they are on the ledge. When a player uses this move, they are usually not taking their opponent seriously, because it is a taunt with high startup and short range.
Side taunt Hides inside a box and throws it off, dealing 2% if touched after he throws it. This can be used to edgeguard some characters easily, such as Will.
Down taunt Slides left and right on the ground.
Moveset Description
Neutral Attack Two punches, left and right, followed by an upward kick.
Forward Tilt Kicks to the side; can be angled up or down.
Up Tilt Lifts his leg up high and then slams his heel on the ground, similar to Cheryl and Stephan's up tilts. However, Skye's up tilt is the strongest in the game and his heel creates a small explosion upon contact with the ground. His up tilt can also be charged for a little while.
Down Tilt Performs a low sweep similar to Jonathan, but has higher knockback and hits opponents upward instead.
Dash Attack Kicks low to the ground but in a straight line with his leg, not a sweep.
Forward Smash Steps backward, then forward again and thrusts his palm forward. In front of his palm, there will be a fire spark that does the most damage and knockback.
Up Smash Stands in a yoga tree position, which deals flame damage at the highest point.
Down Smash A breakdance sweep with flame damage at his feet.
Neutral Aerial Performs four forward kicks that combo into each other. The last hit has the most knockback and also makes a small coin fly out of Skye's shoe as a projectile, reminding characters that he is rich. The coin disappears when it touches the ground.
Forward Aerial Thrusts his knee forward, with the most damage and knockback at the middle of his leg. It also deals electric damage there.
Back Aerial Kicks back with one leg, dealing flame damage at the sole of his foot.
Up Aerial Spins upward while kicking. It has little to no ending lag and is good for juggling.
Down Aerial A spin kick aimed downwards. Meteor smashes.
Grab -
Pummel Hits opponent with brass knuckles.
Forward throw Spins the opponent around and releases them.
Back throw Exactly the same thing, but it's the other way. And it also has like a tiny little bit more knockback that you probably wouldn't even notice.
Up throw Flies upward with his wings to above the top blast line, then comes crashing down, creating an explosion on contact with the ground. If the opponent is playing as Ethan, Young Ethan, or Toon Ethan and is holding a bomb from their down special, the bomb can explode and kill Skye. Interestingly, Skye will not take hoop damage when using this throw, and can also go through soft platforms, such as the platform on Halberd.
Down throw Jumps up and throws a Gordo down onto the opponent.
Floor attack (front) Kicks with both legs in front of him. Similar to Jonathan's, it has a weaker hitbox in the back.
Floor attack (back) The same thing, but backwards! (And yes it still has a hitbox in the back.)
Floor attack (trip) Spins around like a star!
Edge attack (fast) Slams his fist on the ground.
Edge attack (slow) Headbutts upon getting up.

Skye's neutral special is the Inhale, where he opens his mouth and does an inhale. His side special is the Gordo Throw, where he throws a Gordo enemy from the Marco series. If used in the air, Skye will rise a little bit. His up special is Super Skye Jump, where he takes a Super Skye Jump. His down special is Jet Hammer, where he takes out his hammer and makes it into a Jet Hammer.

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