William W. is a character from Konami's Metal Gear universe who appeared in Super Smash World Brawl for the Nintendo Wii as a playable character. He does not appear in any other games in the series. In Super Smash World Brawl, he can be unlocked.

William's Special Moves
Neutral Special Hand Grenade
Side Special Remote Missile
Up Special Cypher
Down Special C4
Final Smash Grenade Launcher

William's neutral special is the Hand Grenade, where he tosses a hand grenade in a set arc depending on the inputted directions. He can throw up to two grenades at a time that hit the other players and then explode, dealing 2-4% for the hit and 12% for the explosion. William can be hurt by the explosion from his own grenade. His side special is the Remote Missile, where he shoots a missile in a remote-like fashion that he can control with the analogue stick. This move can be canceled by pressing the shield button. His up special is Cypher, where he grabs onto the flying robot and flies upward a great distance. William can fall victim to the Grab Release Glitch with this move. His down special is C4, where he plants one on the ground. It will explode after a few seconds. William can hurt himself with the explosion from this move.

Up taunt Holds a grenade in each hand while placing them on either side of him. This taunt deals 3% to him, because the grenades explode afterward.
Side taunt Faces the camera, shrugs his shoulders, and grunts while making a humorously confused, bug-eyed expression.
Down taunt Takes his bat out and points it in front of him.
Moveset Description
Neutral Attack Two weak punches followed by a stronger forward kick. If William uses the last hit of the attack, it will bury foes. It actually has a Plunge effect, meaning that enemies will also go through soft platforms such as the ones on Battlefield if they are hit by it. This attack is also of the hand and leg type.
Forward Tilt William vanishes, then reappears in flames a short distance forward. It has high horizontal knockback and is the strongest forward tilt in the game by far, but it is easily telegraphed and punishable, especially on shield. This attack deals Flame damage.
Up Tilt Jumps up a short distance forward. If William lands on an opponent, he will grab their hair and pull on it with both of his hands, then jump off, functioning similarly to Aiden's Aiden Flip. While this attack does grant William a sort of jump, it is useless as a recovery move due to up tilts only being usable on the ground.
Down Tilt Does a sweep kick that deals vertical knockback.
Dash Attack William curls into a ball to rush at any opponent in his path.
Forward Smash Rears back with hands cupped together and then extends palm forward with a blast of fire coming from his left hand. This move can be angled; being stronger if angled upwards.
Up Smash William performs an upwards headbutt. This move can hit enemies behind William. An excellent finishing move at around 110%. William's head is intangible while the hitboxes are out.
Down Smash Holds a dog down in front of his legs, then moves it quickly to both sides. The dog bites and swipes its claws during this move, so it deals Slash damage.

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