Young Ethan is a younger version of Ethan. Young Ethan is playable in Super Smash World Melee, but he has to be unlocked. He hails from The Legend of Clytie series.

Young Ethan's Special Moves
Neutral Special Bow
Side Special Boomerang
Up Special Spin Attack
Down Special Bomb

In Melee

Young Ethan's neutral special move is the Bow, where he pulls back an arrow on his bow and releases, causing it to move diagonally down, or farther in a straight line if it is charged. To charge the bow, the player must hold the special button down, and when a "ping" sound is heard, along with a white circle around the tip of the arrow, the arrow has maximum power. His side special is the Boomerang, where he throws a boomerang outwards that will return to him. When someone is hit on the boomerang's way out, they will flinch, otherwise the boomerang has a vacuum effect upon coming back. His up special is Spin Attack, where he spins his sword around him two times, damaging anyone who comes in contact with it. If he is in the air, he will move upwards. Bomb, his down special, involves him pulling a bomb out of his pack and throwing it up, down, or forward. The explosion can hurt him if he is caught in it, and will also hurt anyone else who touches the explosion.


E - 16/26

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